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  • Producers - A representative of a company that is engaged in the manufacture of products covered by the STP. A company which contracts out operations such as fabrication and/or assembly, but still retains some control of the overall production process, including for example, performance of such major functions as research and development, design, ownership of tools and dies, production scheduling, quality control and wholesale distribution is also considered to be a producer. A consultant or agent who represents a manufacturer is considered a producer.
  • Testing and Standards Organizations - Organizations that test and/or certify products covered by the standard, or that develop standards/codes related to the products covered by the Standard.
  • Supply Chain - Component producers for an end-product STP or end-product producers for a component STP; installers; distributors; and retailers. Manufacturers with no manufacturing facilities for the products by the STP, but solely use contract manufacturers to make the products. Wholesale or retail purchase-resellers for products made by other companies are also considered as part of the supply chain category.
  • AHJ - Those involved in the regulation or enforcement of the requirements of codes and standards at the state and local level. Where public safety is primary, the authority having jurisdiction may be a state, local, or other regional department or individual such as a fire chief; fire marshal; chief of a fire prevention bureau, labor department, or health department; building official; electrical inspector; or others having statutory authority. For insurance purposes, an insurance inspection department, rating bureau, or other insurance company representative may be the authority having jurisdiction.
  • Government - Representatives from federal agencies. These may include CPSC, FDA, EPA, DOT, DOE, DOD, NIST, etc. Also, representatives of state, local, or regional government bodies that do not fall under the category of AHJ.
  • Consumer - Consumer organizations, consumer departments at universities, home economic departments at universities, professional consumers, individuals who use the product as part of their livelihood and are not eligible for STP membership under another interest category.
  • General Interest - Consultants, academia, scientists, etc that are not covered by the other participation categories, such as professional societies, attorneys, and safety experts and trade associations. Companies that only private-brand label products (made by another manufacturer) covered by the STP.
  • Commercial / Industrial Users - Organizations that use the product in a commercial or industrial setting. Examples include a restaurant owner/operator serving on an STP for commercial cooking equipment, or a gas station owner/operator serving on an STP for flammable liquid storage tanks. Representative of organizations that manufacture products covered by the standard, whose organization also use the product, are not eligible for STP membership under this category.


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