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Standard 726, Edition 7

Standard for Oil-Fired Boiler Assemblies

UL Bulletin
Standard 726, Edition 7 Edition Date: February 20, 2012 $203.00-$254.00
Summary of Topics m0296_10_20120220_sum.html

Subject 296 (295, 296A, 307A, 307B, 726, 727, 729, 730, 731, 732, 733, 795, 896, 2096, 2106, 2790)

Bulletin Dated: February 20, 2012


The following topics were discussed at the meeting of the Standards Technical Panel for Furnaces and Heating Equipment:

1. Valve Proving Systems

2. Zero Governor Systems

3. Combustion Air Control Methods/Components

4. Biodiesel Fuel Blends

5. Functional Safety

6. Removal of Burner Requirements from UL 795 and status of STP 296

7. STP 296 Technical Outreach

8. Revision to UL 795 and Other Operational Standards - Testing for Increased Input for VFDs

9. Endurance Testing Requirements in UL 295 and UL 296

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