Looking for information on UL Certified products?

If you specify products, inspect building construction or purchase products that must meet codes or Standards, you can find the information you need in UL's Product Directories. Architects, jurisdictional authorities, inspectors, product specifiers, designers, purchasing agents and others look to these publications to find important information about products bearing the UL Mark.

UL's Product Directories provide:

  • The names of companies whose product samples have been found to comply with the applicable safety requirements and are subject to UL's Follow-Up Services
  • Information pertaining to the form and nature of the appropriate Listing Mark, Classification or Recognition Marking to be used
  • Limitations or special conditions applying to a product
  • The title of the Standard used to investigate the product (if there is a published UL Standard or for international Directories an appropriate international or regional Standard) for the specific product category

Directories for sale

Published 2016

Ordering Information

  • Volume 1: Covers hourly fire ratings for Beams, Floors, Roofs, Columns, Walls and Partitions.
  • Volume 2A and Volume 2B: Covers hourly ratings for Joint Systems, Through-Penetration Firestop Systems and Electrical Circuit Protective Systems and Duct Assemblies.
  • Volume 3: Covers Hourly Ratings for Dampers, Fire Doors, Glazing Materials and Related Equipment.

Directories available free from UL

All information contained in the UL Directories and CDs is available through the Online Certifications Directory at This online version of all the UL Directories is updated daily and there is no charge for accessing the information.

Available Directories include:

  • Building Materials Directory
  • Roofing Materials and Systems Directory
  • Fire Protection Equipment Directory
  • Fire Family
  • Recognized Component
  • Electrical Appliance, Electrical Construction, Hazardous Location
  • White Book Directory
  • Flammable & Combustible Liquids & Gases, Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Venting & Cooking

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