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Standard 5B, Edition 2

Standard for Strut-Type Channel Raceways and Fittings

UL CSDS Proposal
Standard 5B, Edition 2 Edition Date: February 02, 2007
Summary of Topics m0005_13_20070202_sum.html

Subject 5 , 5B, 5C, 209, 884

Bulletin Dated: February 2, 2007


The following changes in requirements are being proposed:

1. UL 5: Conduit Identification Marking

2. UL 5: Flush Duplex Receptacle Securement

3. UL 5B: Conduit Identification Marking

4. UL 5C: Conduit Identification Marking

5. UL 209: Conduit Identification Marking

6. UL 209: Flush Duplex Receptacle Securement

7. UL 884: Conduit Identification Marking

8. UL 884: Flush Duplex Receptacle Securement

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