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Standard 60745-1, Edition 4

Hand-Held Motor-Operated Electric Tools - Safety - Part 1: General Requirements

UL CSDS Proposal
Standard 60745-1, Edition 4 Edition Date: April 06, 2007
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Subject 60745-1

Bulletin Dated: April 6, 2007


The following changes in requirements are being proposed:

(1) Adoption of the Fourth Edition of IEC 60745-1, Hand-Held Motor-Operated Electric Tools - Safety - Part 1: General Requirements as the Fourth Edition of UL 60745-1, includes the following changes: a) Revised scope to add work stands to equipment covered under the standard; b) Addition of normative references; c) Expanded definitions; d) Clarification of sample requirements; e) Modification of marking and instruction requirements to clarify symbols and markings that may be used, placement of symbols and markings on tools, and general wording and formatting requirements; f) Modification of heating test requirements to specify the switch positions for testing three-phase tools suitable and not suitable for a single-phase supply, to clarify the method for determining the temperature rise of a winding, and to clarify the sequence of tests to be performed on a tool sample after the Humidity Test; g) Modification of leakage current test requirements to specify that tools with heating elements shall have total leakage current within the specified limits of IEC 60335-1 and to specify changes to the test circuit; h) Modification of the moisture resistance test requirements to address tools with liquid systems including residual current devices (RCD) used to provide protection from shock in case of failure of a liquid system; i) Modification of the abnormal temperature test requirements to address hazardous conditions resulting from fault conditions during use of a tool, address test criteria for tools relying on a miniature fuse link, to address current flowing through protective impedance, and to address Class I tools having Class II constructions; j) Modification of mechanical hazard requirements for dust collection openings and tools marked with no-load speeds; k) Addition of mechanical strength requirements for handles or grasping surfaces of a tool; l) Modification of construction requirements to address tools employing a liquid system, to allow for Class I or Class II constructions for tools provided with a RCD or alternate construction requirements, to specify requirements for capacitors complying with protective impedance requirements, and to add requirements for insulating material for handles and other grasping areas of a tool; m) Addition of component requirement to allow a RCD to be an integral part of the construction of a tool; n) Modification of supply connection and flexible cord requirements to clarify the means of power connection for tools, to specify bushings or smooth edges for cord entry, to allow cord guards to be integral with the cord, to specify requirements for separation of conductors of a supply cord for a type X attachment; o) Modification of requirements for creepage and clearances distances through insulation to address lacquered or enameled windings, live parts in contact with dirt deposits, reductions of distances for tools with working voltages less than or equal to 130 V, and distances through insulation between metal parts; p) Modification of resistance to heat, fire, and tracking requirements to reference IEC 60695-2-11 as the applicable glow-wire and hot wire test requirements; q) Addition of requirements to address tools fitted with a laser; r) Deletion of Annexes C, D, and E; s) Modification of Annex F to specify that the Needle Flame Test is to be conducted in accordance with IEC 60695-11-5; t) Modification of Annex G to specify changes to tracking test requirements specified in IEC 60112 that are to be applied for this standard; u) Modification of Annex I to specify changes to switch test requirements specified in IEC 61058-1 to applied for this standard; v) Modification to Annex J, Sequence of Tests, to reference Clause 29.2 for the glow-wire and hot wire test requirements; w) Modification of Annexes K and L to clarify marking requirements for battery tools and battery packs; x) Addition of Annex M to specify requirements for work stands; y) Addition of Annex N as an informative annex that provides information on unacceptable variations for manufacturing and production tests.

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