Standard 869A, Edition 4
UL 869A

Reference Standard for Service Equipment

UL Bulletin Edition 4 Published Date: August 19, 2008 Last Revision: June 24, 2020


Summary of Topics m0067_11_20080819_sum.html

Subject 67 (98, 869A, 891,977,1429)

Bulletin Dated: August 19, 2008


The following topics were discussed at the meeting of the Standards Technical Panel for Power Distribution Equipment:

1. Discussion Item - International Harmonization

2. UL 67 - Update On Current Activities

3. UL 98 - Update On Current Activities

4. Ventilating Openings in Panelboards Rated Below 400 Amps (UL 67)

5. Correction to Maximum acceptable temperature rises, Table 16, of UL 98

6. Revision to UL 891 based on panelboard changes in the 2008 NEC

7. Update wire bending space for compact stranded AA-8000 aluminum to match UL 67 and the National Electrical Code NFPA 70 (UL 891)

8. Clarify intent of front and rear accessible definitions. (UL 891)

9. Update UL 891 wire bending requirements to match the exception in UL 1558 for LV Switchgear.

10. Add required Latch Pull Test 9.2.9 to Table 12 Enclosure Type test requirements. (UL 891)

11. 80% marking requirement location category identification. (UL 891)

12. Changes to UL 891 to account for changes associated w/ NFPA 70-2008 and UL 1449 3rd edition

13. Clarify Requirements for the "Service Equipment" Intended for use with Multiple Sources (UL 891)

14. Revision to Switch Handle Requirements to Limit Requirement to those Switches Which Operate Vertically Between the On and Off Position. (UL 891)

15. Mounting Orientation of Circuit Breakers or Switches. (UL 891)

16. Accessibility Requirements for De-energizing Branch Circuits. (UL 891)

17. Inclusion of Allowance For Alternate Gap Spacing at Flanged Cover Constructions. (UL 891)

18. Inclusion of Meter Socket Maximum Peak Let-Through Current Criteria to Pass/Fail Criteria. (UL 891)

19. Bracing of Load Conductors During Short-Circuit Tests. (UL 891)

20. Reinsert Requirements Necessary in Determining the Short-Circuit Current Rating of a Switchboard. (UL 891)

21. Requirements for the Identification of Grounding and Bonding Conductors. (UL 891)

22. Requirements for the Securement of Meter Socket Covers. (UL 891)

23. Reinsert Requirement for Marking on Switchboard Interiors. (UL 891)

24. Update Requirements for Installation of Surge-Protective Devices at Services. (UL 891)

25. Clarify Requirements in Maximum Temperature Rise Table. (UL 891)

26. Multiple Corrections. (UL 891)

27. Clarify Ground-Fault Protection Requirements to Address use of Rating Plugs. (UL 891)

28. Correction to 600 volt thermoplastic appliance wiring material insulation, Table 29, of UL 891

29. Correction to Rating and sizes of single bus bars - 800 amperes maximum, Table 25, of UL 891

30. Service Equipment Disconnects. (UL 891)

31. Update on current activity of UL 1429

32. Aluminum used in Type 3R Enclosures (UL 977)

33. Addition of Lighting Fixtures to Table 16 (UL 891)

34. Correct system references for audio or visual only ground fault protection (UL 891)

35. Grounding Transformers for High Impedance Grounded Systems

36. (New Business) 2008 NEC Changes and their impact on the Standards covered by STP 67

37. (New Business) Spacing requirements in power distribution standards.

38. (New Business) Presentation on the removal of 42 the circuit limitation in UL 67

39. (New Business) Standards Cycle for standards covered by STP 67

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