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Standard 514B, Edition 6

Conduit, Tubing, and Cable Fittings

UL CSDS Proposal
Standard 514B, Edition 6 Edition Date: March 04, 2011
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Subject 514B

Bulletin Dated: March 4, 2011


The following changes in requirements to the Standard for Conduit, Tubing, and Cable Fittings, UL 514B, are being proposed for preliminary review and comment only:

1. For Preliminary Review Only: Proposed Sixth Edition; the major technical changes are as follows:(a) addition of a definition for an angle fitting to differentiate it from a transition fitting; (b) addition of a definition for and requirements specific to the evaluation of a transition coupling; (c) addition of a definition for and requirements specific to the evaluation of an expansion-deflection fitting and a deflection fitting; (d) revisions to define a non-grounding type fitting and to delete the reference to national installation codes because they do not define these types of fittings; (e) revisions to specify that a cable fitting be tested using the largest and smallest cable size and require that conductors of cables pass through the end stop or throat; (f) revisions to specify fittings for use in wet locations that are not required to comply with the Wet Locations Test; (g) revisions to delete references to the term "rain-tight fittings" as the term is no longer used in national installation codes; (h) revisions to allow for marking option for "electrical metallic tubing only" for EMT fitting has been added for use in Mexico; (i) revision to clarify where the diameter of metal-clad cable should be measured; (j) revisions to allow both metallic or nonmetallic fittings in the 3/8 to 1-1/4 (12 to 35) trade sizes to be used with thin metal boxes; (k) revisions to test requirements and sequence of tests for metal-clad cable fittings to align with tests and test sequences of other types of cable fittings; (l) revisions to Ultraviolet Light and Water Test requirements to clarify the test and specify the Standard for Plastics - Methods of Exposure to Laboratory Light Sources - Part 1: General Guidance, ISO 4892-1 for guidance on the type of chamber and light frequency to be used for the test. (m) revisions to tray cable fitting test requirements that include clarification of the test sequence, consolidation of tests for sun-light resistance tray-cable fittings into the general sequence of tests and to specify the use of the largest sample of elastomeric material possible for testing, clarification of compliance criteria, application of the same dimensional tolerances for the largest and smallest cable samples being tested. (n) revisions to mesh grip test requirements to clarify the requirements and merge the Abrasion Test requirements into the Strain Relief Grips Tension Test. (o) revisions to Internal Thread Gauging Test requirements to more specifically define the term "wrench-tight." (p) revisions to the table that specifies the test sequence for expansion fittings to include expansion-deflection and deflection fittings and to specify that the Resistance Test is not required for fittings having an internal bonding jumper.

2. For Preliminary Review Only: Proposed Changes To Clause 8.3.1 To Specify Smaller Range Of Sheet Metal Thicknesses For Snap-In Type Fittings

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