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Standard 1042, Edition 5

Standard for Electric Baseboard Heating Equipment

UL Bulletin
Standard 1042, Edition 5 Edition Date: March 19, 2013 $250.00-$314.00
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Subjects 1042 (1278, 2021)

Bulletin Dated: March 19, 2013


The following topics were discussed at the meeting of the Standards Technical Panel for Electric Room Heaters and Related, STP 1042:

1. New UL 1278 Proposal - Elimination of Auto-Reset Temperature-Limiting Controls on Electric Heaters

2. New UL 1278 Proposal - Temperature Limiting Controls

3. New UL 1278 Proposal - Mounting Means for Portable, Wall and Ceiling Hung Heaters

4. New UL 1278 Proposal - Power Supply Cords

5. New UL 1278 Proposal - Wire Connectors Paragraph 18.3.3

6. New UL 1278 Proposal - Cord Type and Size

7. New UL 1278 Proposal - Section 18 Internal Wiring

8. New UL 1278 Proposal - Addition and Revision of Requirements to Relocate Component Standard References from Appendix A Into the Body of the Standard as Component Requirements

9. Discussion - Potential for Remote Control or Other Smart Enabled Considerations for Electric Heaters

10. Correction to New UL 1042 & UL 2021 Text

11. UL 1278 Maintenance Items

12. UL 2021 Maintenance Items

13. New UL 1278 Proposal - Wall-hung Heaters Located Near Ceiling Height

14. Discussion - Two Inactive Task Groups From Previous Meetings

15. Additional Meeting Topic Regarding the Deletion of -R Cord Requirements

16. Additional Meeting Topic Regarding a Specific Type of Tipover Switch

17. Additional Meeting Topic Regarding an Alternative Temperature Test Material for UL 1042, UL 1278, and UL 2021

18. Additional Meeting Topic Regarding the Possibility of Using Electronic Media for Manuals and/or Instructions

19. Additional Meeting Topic Regarding a General Discussion of Heater Plugs

20. Additional Meeting Topic Regarding Proximity Sensing for Movable Heaters

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