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Standard for Hospital Signaling and Nurse Call Equipment

UL CSDS Proposal
Standard 1069, Edition 7 Edition Date: June 25, 2014
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Subject 1069

Bulletin Dated: June 25, 2014


The following changes in requirements to the Standard for Hospital Signaling and Nurse Call Equipment, UL 1069, are being proposed for preliminary review and comment only:

1. For Preliminary Review Only: UL 1069 Fundamentals Update

2. For Preliminary Review Only: Proposed new test methods for frequency hopping spread spectrum technologies

3. For Preliminary Review Only: Proposal to provide an additional option (the use of a symbol) for marking a device, such as a switch, intended for emergency service

4. For Preliminary Review Only: Proposed changes to the battery life test

5. For Preliminary Review Only: Nurse Control Station - Software based with specified hardware

6. For Preliminary Review Only: Shared Network Systems

7. For Preliminary Review Only: Reliability Calculation

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