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Standard for Smoke Detectors for Fire Alarm Signaling Systems

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Standard 268, Edition 7 Edition Date: July 15, 2016
Summary of Topics s0268_7_sum.html

Summary of Topics

The following revisions are being issued for the Seventh Edition of UL 268, the joint UL/ULC Binational Standard for Smoke Detectors for Fire Alarm Systems:

1. Sensitivity Test

2. Special Applications

3. Removal of Lamp Interchangeability Requirements

4. Fire Test Revision

5. Velocity

6. Sensitivity Shift Criteria

7. Go/No-Go Flaming Polyurethane Foam Test

8. Detector Air Velocity in Excess of 300 fpm

9. Nuisance Sensor Requirements

10. Go/No-Go Field Test (for the smoke sensor)

11. IRLED Light Degradation Determination

12. Alarm Silence Requirements

13. Additional Stability Tests for Multi-Criteria Smoke Detectors Employing CO Gas Sensors

14. Audibility Test for Battery Operated Smoke Detectors

15. Mechanical Push Test for Push-Type Features

16. Firmware Update Requirements

17. High Voltage Printed Wiring Boards

18. Addendum - Minimum Screening Programs in Table D3.1

19. Minimum Spacings Table 5

20. Cooking Nuisance Test Editorial Revision

21. Manufacturer's Published Instructions

22. Reference and Editorial Corrections

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