Standard 746B, Edition 5
UL 746B

Standard for Polymeric Materials - Long Term Property Evaluations

UL Bulletin Edition 5 Published Date: December 13, 2019 Last Revision: May 09, 2024


Summary of Topics m0746a_6_20191213_sum.html

Subject 746A (94, 746B, 746C, 746D, 1692, 1694)

Bulletin Dated: December 13, 2019


The following topics were discussed at the meeting of the Standards Technical Panel for Polymeric Materials:

1. Update on the Activities of the Long-Term Thermal Aging (LTTA) Forum

2. Discussion of Study Results of Small Flame Bar Design for Thickness Under 0.4 mm for UL 94 Testing

3. Final Classification When Testing UL 94V or 5V in UL 94 (PROPOSAL)

4. Clarification for HB Test in UL 94

5. Clamp Design for Vertical Flame Test Specified in UL 94

6. Interpretation of Paragraph 7.1.3 of UL 94 for Testing Thicknesses Less Than 3.0 mm

7. UL 94 Foam Material Testing (HBF/HF-1/HF-2): Inclusion of Density Value in Section 12 (PROPOSAL)

8. BPT Test Revision in UL 746A Polymer Variation Program (Table 9.2) (PROPOSAL)

9. UL 746A, Section 21 - AC Dielectric Breakdown Voltage and Strength. Indicate the choice of test medium (Oil)

10. Usage of a Statistical Comparison Approach as an Alternative Under the UL 746A Polymer Variation Program

11. Test Program for Metallic Pigment in Polymer Variation in UL 746A

12. Revision to Code A in UL 746A Polymer Variation Section to Accommodate Materials Showing Reverse Trend

13. Inclusion of Requirements for CTI Testing on Textured Surfaces Induced by Additive Manufacturing Process in UL 746A

14. Temperature Index TI based on IEC 60216-3 for UL 746B (PROPOSAL)

15. Inclusion of a Weathering Test Program for Non-Enclosure/Elastomeric/Film Materials in UL 746C (PROPOSAL)

16. UL 746C - Clarification of Section 25 with Respect to Choice of Impact Test Method

17. Usage of TI for the Preselection of Polymeric Materials in UL 746C

18. Consideration of Review and Possible Revision of Guidelines for Regrind and Recycled Materials in UL 746D

19. CTI Voltage Rating Greater Than 600 Volts

20. Additive Manufacturing (3D Printers)

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