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Standard 1441, Edition 5

Coated Electrical Sleeving

UL Standard
Standard 1441, Edition 5 Edition Date: June 21, 2021 ANSI Approved: October 28, 2022 $402.00-$998.00

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Red Line Std. (2)

October 28, 2022 Redline Revision
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CSDS Proposal   

CSDS Proposals

An electronic document associated with a UL Standard for Safety or Outline of Investigation, and issued by UL to propose:

  • A revision of a single or multiple requirement(s).
  • A complete new edition of an existing Standard or Outline.
  • A new Standard or Outline that has not previously been published.

CSDS Proposals provide access to view the proposal and submit comments within UL's Collaborative Standards Development System (CSDS) appropriately.


August 19, 2022
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Referenced Standards (3)

Below is a list of UL Standards referenced in UL 1441

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Reverse Referenced Standards (42)

UL 1441 is referenced in the following list of UL Standards

48 15 Electric Signs
130 13 Standard for Electric Heating Pads
218A 3 Standard for Battery Contactors for Use in Diesel Engines Driving Centrifugal Fire Pumps
353 5 Standard for Limit Controls
427 5 Refrigerating Units
471 10 Standard for Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers
482 9 Standard for Portable Sun/Heat Lamps
507 10 Electric Fans
563 8 Ice Makers
621 7 Ice Cream Makers
676 9 Standard for Underwater Luminaires and Submersible Junction Boxes
697 7 Toy Transformers
705 7 Power Ventilators
746C 7 Polymeric Materials - Use in Electrical Equipment Evaluations
810 6 Standard for Capacitors
858A 3 Standard for Safety-Related Solid-State Controls for Household Electric Ranges
867 5 Electrostatic Air Cleaners
875 9 Electric Dry-Bath Heaters
963 4 Standard for Sealing, Wrapping, and Marking Equipment
964 12 Electrically Heated Bedding
987 8 Standard for Stationary and Fixed Electric Tools
998 6 Humidifiers
1042 5 Electric Baseboard Heating Equipment
1077 7 Supplementary Protectors for Use in Electrical Equipment
1082 6 Household Electric Coffee Makers and Brewing-Type Appliances
1083 6 Household Electric Skillets and Frying-Type Appliances
1230 5 Standard for Amateur Movie Lights
1279 2 Outline of Investigation for Solar Collectors
1447 6 Standard for Electric Lawn Mowers
1565 6 Positioning Devices
1574 3 Track Lighting Systems
1683 2 Outline of Investigation for Electric Heating Products For Installation Under Floor Coverings
1812 4 Ducted Heat Recovery Ventilators
1876 4 Isolating Signal and Feedback Transformers for Use in Electronic Equipment
2021 4 Fixed and Location-Dedicated Electric Room Heaters
2753 2 Outline of Investigation for Battery Operated Ride-On Lawn Mowers
2930 3 Outline of Investigation for Cord-and-Plug-Connected Health Care Facility Outlet Assemblies
6500 2 Standard for Audio/Video and Musical Instrument Apparatus for Household, Commercial, and Similar General Use
60065 8 Standard for Audio, Video and Similar Electronic Apparatus - Safety Requirements
60939-3 1 Passive Filter Units for Electromagnetic Interference Suppression - Part 3: Passive Filter Units for Which Safety Tests are Appropriate
60335-2-24 3 Household and Similar Electrical Appliances - Safety - Part 2-24: Particular Requirements for Refrigerating Appliances, Ice-Cream Appliances and Ice-Makers
60335-2-40 4 Household and Similar Electrical Appliances - Safety - Part 2-40: Particular Requirements for Electrical Heat Pumps, Air-Conditioners and Dehumidifiers
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